MOWI Portions Minute x 4

MOWI Portions Minute x 4

The Minute steak is a thin portion, cut from the finest part of the salmon, which makes it perfect for snack-style cooking.

The MOWI Portions Minute is part of our MOWI retail range in France.

MOWI Portions Minute x 4


45 G

Net weight




Our traceability tool

MOWI salmon is 100 % traceable

You have a right to care about how your salmon was farmed and raised, and that is why we’re giving you this handy tool to help you understand where our salmon comes from. It’s very important to us to recognize that each fish has its very own story – find out the one behind yours…

Mowi traceability

How it works

  • Scan the QR code on the packaging using your phone's camera or QR code scanning application, which you can download from the APP Store or Play Store.

  • You will automatically be redirected to our app, where you can learn all there is to know about the MOWI salmon you hold in your hands.

  • Learn how to cook delicious MOWI meals.

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