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Caring for salmon and people since 1964
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MOWI means goodness

Good for you. Good for the planet. Nutritious, delicious and sustainable, we are excited to launch our new global brand: MOWI salmon

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Good for your body and your brain

Awesome flavor, outstanding nutrition: our salmon is particularly rich in omega-3s. It's a smart choice that will make you even smarter.

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Our Products

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Our MOWI Pure range is our best salmon for an everyday treat. It is high quality salmon that comes in different cuts and sizes. Convenience is key. All are easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy; we include cold-smoked, hot-smoked and fresh products under this range.

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Our Philosophy

Caring for you, our planet and for our salmon

We humans may be terrestrial, but there’s a hot debate whether life on the planet originated in the oceans or elsewhere. Whatever the case, we’re pretty sure the ocean is where our future lies.

The world needs safe, nutritious food production managed in  a way that can be continued indefinitely without causing irreversible harm or depletion of the planet’s resources. That is the definition  of sustainability. That is our MOWI commitment and this is our MOWI promise to you.


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