Taking care of families since 1964

(…well, at the dinner table with our MOWI salmon!)

MOWI means goodness

Well, not literally. But you get what we mean. We’re pleased to present our newly launched brand, which we also believe is the world’s finest salmon. You can take that more literally.

Simply great taste with our MOWI salmon

The fact that our salmon is also jam-packed full of Omega-3, essential fatty acids and lots of other good-for-you vitamins and minerals is a bit of a lovely bonus

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Our Products

Our MOWI Pure range is our best salmon for an every day treat. It is high-quality salmon which comes in different cuts and sizes. We have fresh, cold smoked and hot smoked products under this range. They are all easy to prepare and easy to enjoy.

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Our Philosophy

Caring for you, our planet and for our salmon

Even though we all live here on dry land, we’re pretty sure that the future is in our ocean, just beneath the surface. The whole world needs safe, healthy and great-tasting food produced in a sustainable way. With our MOWI salmon we are able to deliver this to you and your family.

Just think about this: the carbon footprint of farm-raised salmon is only 2.9 kg of carbon equivalent per kilo of edible product, compared to 5.9 kg of carbon equivalent per edible kilo of pork and 30.0 kg per edible kilo of beef (SINTEF, 2009). That means, if you replace pork and beef with salmon it would significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint!



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Tagliatelle with MOWI smoked salmon

30 MIN Cooking
3-4 Portions



30 MIN Cooking
2-3 Portions


Oven baked MOWI teriyaki

25 MIN Cooking
3-4 Portions


MOWI ramen

20 MIN Cooking
2-3 Portions


MOWI ceviche bowl

MIN Cooking
2-3 Portions
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